Vice President & Property Management Officer

Nabil's many renovations have a cumulative value of nearly $100 million.

Who We Are

Our Core Behaviors

We are disciplined people who engage in disciplined thought and take disciplined action — operating with freedom within a framework of responsibilities, pursuit of excellence, ownership mindset and continuous improvement.

Our people display five core behaviors that, in combination, distinguish us from other companies:

Total Discipline
We display extreme consistency of action – consistency with values, goals, performance standards and methods. We are utterly relentless and unbending in the focus on our quests. Total discipline often means being nonconformist. We are determined and resilient.

Research Driven
When faced with opportunities or uncertainty, we do not look primarily to other people, conventional wisdom, authority figures, or peers for direction; we look primarily to empirical evidence. We rely upon direct observation, practical experimentation, and direct engagement with tangible evidence.

Creative and Innovative
We make our bold, creative moves from a sound empirical base. We favor empiricism as the foundation of decisive action.

Execution with Skill and Urgency
We maintain a continuous sense of urgency and are hypervigilant to opportunities, threats and changes in our environment. We manage risk and channel our efforts into proactive action, developing contingency plans, building buffers and maintaining large margins of safety.

Our obsession with generating lasting value and overall excellence enables creative action and unlocks the power of our passion and perseverance.