About Us

We bring together the world’s brightest
to create the once unimagined.

We invest in the best to ensure
that Ytech delivers the best.

Together, we transform the physical into the
experiential, the luxurious into the exceptional. 

Fearless in our pursuit of the extraordinary, we embrace a culture centered on three distinct pillars.

Vision & Audaciousness

Committed to mastery and obsessed with creating lasting value, we act as one to unlock the power of our shared vision, passion and perseverance.


Selfless pioneers, we continuously strive to outperform our own standards with resilience, skillful execution and uncompromising resolve.


At once leaders and devoted team players, we collaborate to intensify our artistry, mitigate risk, and achieve the unforgettable.

“Certain principles are fundamental to our success. The pursuit of excellence in everything we do, from our work to our relationships, is our primary pledge. It enables us to create a world-class company with a long-term view while building excitement and lasting value.


Yamal Yidios

About Yamal Yidios

Our Teams

Our acquisitions team is strategic and knowledgeable, giving Ytech the edge to quickly assess, negotiate and close on investment opportunities. Ytech has a history of successfully identifying and purchasing underused commercial and residential real estate throughout the United States that our development and management teams transform into high-value assets for sale or long-term income. 


Our internal finance professionals secure debt and equity for the investments that we make and developments that we build. Ytech’s treasury executives also ensure that we continue to be a self-sustaining company that secures capital through our income producing portfolio and through property sales. 


Our development group guides projects from inception to completion. Ytech’s in-house experts manage all aspects of our real estate projects, from site evaluation to design and public approvals, from construction challenges to marketing and sales.


Ytech’s design team travels the globe to bring the most innovative designs and interior finishes to our projects. We collaborate with preeminent architects and top-tier interior designers to create the Ytech concept of enduring luxury investments.


Ytech’s heritage of excellence is ingrained in our construction managers, who oversee all areas of building, from design and preconstruction to finishes and turnover. Our team applies extraordinary thinking and deep expertise to guarantee the highest quality outcome.

Sales & Marketing

Our sales department works in tandem with our marketing team to identify and meet the unique needs of our luxury customers. As a result, Ytech’s ability to build solid relationships with customers allows us to achieve maximum sales.


Ytech approaches property management from an ownership perspective to provide a complete range of services. Our proven property management expertise leads to consistently high occupancy rates and added value to our assets.


Ytech’s accomplished legal team provides high-level strategic counsel and support for transactional, corporate, land use, development, operational, and risk management matters with a commitment to results and compliance.


Ytech’s accounting department is responsible for internal policies, procedures and controls to ensure every department’s transactions are accurate and timely. The department maintains a separation of duties with complete transparency for all financial and tax reporting functions required by lenders.