Our Firm

Founded in 2006, Ytech is a privately owned and operated real estate development firm headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Led by visionary Yamal Yidios, the firm is focused on creating residential and commercial properties that continually set new standards of excellence in design and performance.


Nationwide Presence
Spanning 25+ Markets


1428 Brickell
1500 Brickell
1548 Brickell
41 & 75 Broadway


7,000+ Apartments
20,000+ Residents Positively Impacted


1,000+ Direct & Indirect
Jobs Created


$3B+ Luxury Condominium Pipeline


$2B+ in Developments & Investments
10M+ in Gross Sq. Footage

Ytech Brickell Views

Dedicated to the Exceptional.
We continuously study projects around the world and speak with architects, designers, and master craftsmen to understand the possible and the desired. For each project, we carefully curate a team of experts who operate holistically and concurrently where every idea is examined, challenged, and improved upon to achieve unparalleled products of artistic beauty.

About Ytech – Key Strengths

Ownership Mindset

Our ownership mindset culture at Ytech is one of accountability, continuous improvement and purpose – toward the end goal of quality investments with sustained value.

Skilled Execution

Ytech’s team of experts directly executes our real estate strategies to better control outcomes for our investors. Clear communication and proficient execution enable us to successfully acquire, finance, develop, market, and manage the most sophisticated development projects.

Vertical Integration

Our integrated corporate structure has allowed us to develop significant synergies across our multiple areas of business activity. Ytech handles multiple real estate services in-house, giving us a competitive edge that capitalizes on our flexibility and continuity as a local operator and on our investment management capacity across 25 submarkets.

Commitment to Excellence

Ytech is committed to delivering consistent value in everything we do. This starts with taking an uncompromising stand when it comes to quality and ethics. The results can be seen in the high standard of design and construction of our projects, the consistently high level at which our properties operate, and our long-term commitment to owning and managing our properties.

Talent Acquisition

Above all else, our key advantage is the quality and experience of our people. We place an emphasis on finding, developing and retaining only those individuals who are the very best in their respective fields. The professionalism and entrepreneurialism of our employees are paramount to our success and is a distinguishing characteristic of our company.

Local Expertise

The strengths embedded in Ytech’s culture – the knowledge and cohesiveness of our people, longstanding relationships, technological capabilities, an established presence in Miami and 24 other submarkets in the Southeast, and our strong balance sheet – are the cornerstone of our success.

Proprietary Research

Our use of proprietary research to analyze market trends allows us to swiftly shape investment strategies and make informed investment decisions. Our baseline knowledge + research results = a competitive edge.

Financial Strength

Ytech holds the distinction of a strong balance sheet and financial expertise. Our net worth gives us access to capital, financial flexibility, and the ability to minimize risk. We maintain significant working capital lines, which allows us to immediately capitalize on investment opportunities. By minimizing risk, we are prepared for changing market conditions that could affect our business. Given our history of financial stability and compelling track record, financial institutions are willing to work with us because we bring conservatively underwritten transactions to the table.

Commitment to Sustainability

Optimal building performance and environmental responsibility are essential attributes of a quality development. Ytech pursues LEED certification for all of our eligible development projects, which span luxury residential, retail, commercial and mixed use. We acknowledge our responsibility to lead by example in our desire to stay at the forefront of innovation and promote green living.