Our Business

For nearly two decades, we proved our devotion to the real estate sector. We earned trust and capital. We built relationships and forged industry partnerships. 

Luxury Condominiums

Elegance. Beauty. Gracefulness. In the most prominent locations.

Ytech’s focus is to build with impeccable quality and deliver the best experience, through visionary design and superior craftsmanship, at the most prestigious locations. We strive for a reputation as the very best by building prominent landmarks with pride and purpose, elegance and gracefulness.


As a vertically integrated firm, we fuse ground-up operating expertise with top-down research and investment management for optimal execution and results. Ytech has expanded its reach through strategic investments in excess of $2 billion across varying property types and risk profiles. 

Ytech has invested in, developed and redeveloped more than 7,000 residential units across the southeastern United States and owns a real estate portfolio that makes it one of the largest privately held companies in Miami in terms of aggregate asset value.


Excellence. Quality. Lasting value.

As an integrated real estate firm, we have distinct skill sets that produce more efficient results, from identifying and assembling sites to zoning and financial structuring, master planning, architecture and design, construction management, marketing, and sales.

At Ytech, we embrace the future by continuing to build up our rapidly growing and fully integrated real estate development platform. Our business model features a broad spectrum of internal competencies, from financial structuring and acquisitions to construction and asset management.